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Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Purse released

Its the mega-fight every fan is talking about. It’s non-other than the highly anticipated bout between these two heavyweights, a clash of the Titans for sure. At one hand you have the Irish Tyson Fury who boasts a record of being undefeated as well as overcoming the Ukranian Wladimir Klizco. At the other hand, you have the sheer raw power of the American, Deontay Wilder.

What is the PPV price for Fury vs Wilder?

Similarly, Wilder is also yet to taste defeat. Although he has faced more fights than Tyson Fury, there has been a lot of scrutiny about the opponents. As Fury has arguably faced more established and renowned boxers compared Wilder.  Also, the PPV price in the United States is going to be a whopping $50. If you want to watch this fight, it won’t come cheap. Don’t forget you watch fury vs wilder live stream here too.

How much is Wilder vs Fury Worth?

Enough of their attributes and record. Now, let’s get straight to business. So how much are is Wilder vs Fury match going to be worth?

Wilder Vs Fury
Tyson Fury Fury is projected to pocket a guaranteed $10 million from this fight as long as PPV numbers go as planned. However, if the PPV and Gate Receipts reach the intended target than his total payout may reach around $23.5 million.
Deontay WilderDeontay Wilder will receive the same numbers as Fury of course depending on PPV sales and Gate Receipts