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About us

What is iSportsbox.com?

iSportsBox is a content driven web platform that aims to provide news from different sports in the world. Ranging from Football, Cricket, Boxing, Nba and more. We aspire to be the top online news portal bringing you news from sports Worldwide. Users can access the latest information through our rich web portal.

We here at iSportsBox believe in the delivering news that really matters. So our team of experts carefully search and find news that is actually worth your time. Our very social media active team look vigorously for news that is trending and interesting for you.

However, the prime aim is to cater the sports globe with all the news, views and opinions with India being full of sports aficionados.


iSportsBox aims to provide an engaging and extensive coverage of all sports on the digital platform.

Our primary aspiration is to take the sports reporting to the next level as a staple and primary product while having the tempestuous and dynamic team at the helm.

Thinking Behind our Design

Everyday users are consuming information through their mobile devices. The growth of mobile technology has rapidly increased over the past 5 years. Therefore to accommodate this ever-growing demand of mobile-friendly interface.

Our team of designers have developed the design in a manner to facilitate all the modern day requirements to make it appear as if it is an app. With slick design with many power functionalities for you to access news and enjoy with utmost satisfaction. We take user experience very seriously, therefore, we have developed our website to leverage the capabilities of the mobile platform and to enhance user experience. The site offers a clean background with content displayed using vertical blocks to provide news from different segments.